Personal Development

11 things you learn before turning 30

1. You realize and accept your own mediocrity

You probably aren’t going to “change the world.” Even if you do, you know that the likelihood that any one thing you do will be more than temporary is pretty low.


2. You stop needing to be the special snowflake

You stop needing to post all the goddam time on Facebook trying to prove how amazing/successful/loved/beautiful you are.


3. You realize that the greatest impacts are the smallest.

Like saying hi to your neighbor and sharing a smile. Holding a puppy. The days you are actually excited to get out of bed.


4. You get hotter

Regardless of your body shape, most people at this point have developed a greater amount of self-assuredness. Which = sexy. Goodbye, approval/validation-seeking 20s. Hello IDGAF 30s.


5. You start treating yourself like a VIP

You are selective in who you spend your time with. You stop accepting every random person into your life just because they happen to be around.


6. You stop going to random bars, clubs, and meet-ups all the time

You don’t need to constantly see and be seen. You realize that most parties are all the same. “But you never know! Maybe this time I’ll meet a VIP / The One / Someone Who Will Hire Me!” Nah. Go because you actually like parties, not because you want to get something out of someone.


7. You realize your family is actually really important.


8. Fun is not the most important thing. Love is.

The love for your family. A place. A hobby. A vocation. The intimacy and depth of connection.


9. Most things are really not worth getting upset over.

Especially if it shows up in your news feed.


10. There are a lot of assholes in this world.

You don’t need to disprove/fix/save them.


11. If a guy says/does ___, believe him.

Take it at face value. And then run the opposite direction.