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Hi, I’m Jennifer Lowe, a content and community manager at Twitter in San Francisco. I’m a storyteller, and I help brands engage and influence their communities online.

Prior to this, I worked with eBay’s editorial team sharing the company’s story. I also led eBay Inc.’s University Programs team to build and execute a new communications strategy and program.

I’ve done social media agency consulting for global brands, including Carnegie Hall and Wella Professionals (Proctor & Gamble), as well as start-ups, including a top gainer Facebook game and a big data mobile app.


  • The most widely-read article I’ve written is my Quora answer on How to Improve Your Charisma Within a Month. It gained 3,000+ upvotes and 500,000+ views. The article was picked up by Inc. and Love Life Solved.
  • I wrote a satirical piece for McSweeney’s, “Hi, I’m a Recovering Personal Development Addict.” Within literary circles, it’s considered a high honor to get published in McSweeney’s, and I’m very proud of this.
  • I wrote a memoir essay for the Community Memoir Project. It’s included in the volume No Place Like It.
  • In 2016, I visited Argentina on an epic 2.5 month solo travel trip and left my heart in Patagonia. I backpacked the Torres del Paine, hitchhiked my way to the end of the world, and volunteered for an estancia in the pampas.
  • Other favorites places I’ve been to recently: Antarctica, the Republic of Georgia, Laos, Thailand, Berlin, and the Caribbean.

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