Snapdocs, a digital closings platform for mortgages, wanted to introduce the concept of e-Eligibility to lenders who are considering how to make their mortgage closings more digital. I worked with a Snapdocs marketing manager to create a series of blog posts explaining the concept and informing lenders of the different variables that impact closings. I pulled together internal information and existing messaging, drafted the blog posts, and suggested formatting updates (e.g., imagery, linking between blogs, and stats to include). The series was used in various promotional campaigns Snapdocs ran to get in front of lenders.

The Five R’s of e-Eligibility when Digitizing Mortgage Closings: Readiness

This article covers settlement readiness, one of the five factors of e-Eligibility. Readiness is about whether the settlement agent is enabled to facilitate digital mortgage closings. Settlement agents typically follow instructions from the lender on how to facilitate the loan closing (as long as that guidance does not conflict with laws, title underwriters’ requirements, or borrowers’ preferences to eSign their closing documents).

Why Lenders are Digitizing Mortgage Closings Today

Mortgage industry stakeholders are rapidly digitizing the closing process. Borrower preferences have shifted to where 81% of consumers now prefer a digital experience. By digitizing mortgage closings, lenders are realizing operational efficiencies in a time when low housing inventory and the potential for increasing rates are likely to squeeze margins. They’re gaining a competitive edge with borrowers, as well as a more efficient closing process.

How to Put e-Eligibility for Digital Mortgage Closings into Practice

If you’re a lender transitioning to digital mortgage closings or scaling your existing digital mortgage roadmap, you might feel like you’re blazing new trails. You know which direction you need to go, but your map is incomplete. In fact, your map changes daily, and you can’t tell if the terrain ahead will be rocky or paved. What kind of vehicle will you need? What’s the best route for your organization?

The Five Rs of e-Eligibility when Digitizing Mortgage Closings

Today’s leading lenders are digitizing mortgage closings. By doing so, they’re offering borrowers a competitive experience, and they’re realizing capital efficiencies. However, variances and ambiguity in digital mortgage closing policies, regulations, and other restrictions are causing lenders to struggle with scaling the digitization of their closings. Today we’re breaking down the five factors that every lender should consider when determining how digital each loan closing can be.

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