New Relic case studies

At New Relic, I wrote case studies for our Fortune 500 and startup customers. Working with the team's project manager, I maintained each case study's project status in Asana. I interviewed the customer’s account executive and customer, built out their customer story briefs, and identified the customer’s compelling story. I also built partnerships internally with product marketing and developer relations to review for technical accuracy. I shepherded the case study through stakeholder reviews and worked with our designer to ensure all design elements were aligned with brand standards. Finally, I was responsible for adding all case studies to our company's CMS. 

Vault Health provides an excellent customer experience using errors inbox

Vault Health needed the ability to understand what was happening within all of its new systems, features, and product lines. That goes beyond simply looking at logs or even consolidated logs to get a view into how its applications are communicating with other services. Without this visibility, Vault Health would fall short of delivering an excellent, 24/7 customer experience to patients in crisis.

Verizon takes innovation to the edge with Pixie and New Relic

Developers could not debug their workloads deployed on Verizon 5G Edge nodes. Edge computing environments are distinct enough to create architectural constraints for traditional application performance monitoring (APM) and Kubernetes monitoring. Without enough visibility, the developer experience on the Verizon 5G Edge proved prohibitively difficult. This was a serious problem that made the value of investing in the edge unclear.

Braavo case studies

I interviewed our founder and customers to identify the problems the customer experienced, the solution Braavo implemented, and the result, as well as any key metrics available. I also oversaw our freelance designer in redesigning our customer story templates to be clearer, easier to read, and more aesthetically on-brand. 

For Ten Percent Happier, I reviewed existing customer interview footage completed prior to my joining, identified the strongest customer quotes, and worked with our designer to convert customer quote clips into video for the website. I also worked with our designer to create an entirely new video case study template.

Pzizz builds the world's most advanced sleep system

Because of their commitment to bringing better sleep worldwide, Pzizz focused on identifying a scalable acquisition channel. The team went on a customer acquisition journey and determined the network that fit best for their product and audience. Once the team had identified the best acquisition channel, they hit upon a real need to solve their cash flow issue. With the app stores holding onto earnings for 1-2 months, the team would not be able to aggressively scale their marketing campaigns.

How Tapinator used revenue-based financing to invest in game development

Tapinator needed access to a short-term cash infusion to take advantage of a one-time transactional opportunity. In addition, the team needed the ability to scale effective user acquisition strategies during the costly holiday season. During the holidays, increased UA spend is necessary to remain competitive within the Social Casino Gaming category. At the same time, the team needed to preserve adequate capital for continued product development.

Twitter case studies and research

For Twitter's business marketing team, I oversaw a freelance writer and provided editorial direction for business marketing content. This included ensuring the voice and tone was on-brand, engaging, and informative. Content was developed to help educate marketers about Twitter advertising best practices and new research.

People of Earth’s adopt-an-alien chatbot increases awareness and engagement

Get ready for a visit from another planet: For the second season of “People of Earth” (‎@PoE_TBS), TBS (‎@TBSNetwork) wanted to increase awareness of and interest in the show in an extraterrestrial way. To get people more personally engaged with the story, TBS created an out-of-this-world experience that would let people adopt an alien from outer space through a chatbot in Direct Messages.

How 20th Century Fox got audiences buzzing for its terrifying thriller ‘Alien: Covenant’

In space, no one can hear you scream. On Twitter, however, everyone can. 20th Century Fox (‎@20thcenturyfox) partnered with Twitter to build awareness of “Alien: Covenant,” the latest installment in the “Alien” saga. The studio wanted to find a different way to promote the movie, building buzz leading into the opening weekend in a way that had not been done before.

Taco Bell and MTV let fans vote for Best New Artist in viral chatbot campaign

For emerging artists, the Best New Artist award at MTV’s Video Music Awards is an enormous opportunity to break through to new audiences. Not only is it a career game-changer for artists, it’s also a fantastic way for fans to participate in the awards show. In 2017, MTV (‎@MTV) and Taco Bell (‎@tacobell) teamed up to create a unique experience on Twitter that would let fans vote for their favorite nominated artist in Direct Messages.

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