Plaid Tech Talk with LendingTree: Become your customer's financial hub

I worked with our content lead and product marketing to interview LendingTree about their product journey and how Plaid has supported their growth. The goal of the talk was to share how fintech companies increasingly need to become their customer's mission control in order to win greater market share and be of greater value to their customers. I helped put together slide deck copy and made recommendations for design assets. 

Plaid Tech Talk: Transform messy transaction data into clean, personalized insights

Plaid produced a Tech Talk walking through how they built the Transactions data product and how companies could use this data to power their growth. The talk was targeted to product managers at technology companies. I worked with our content lead and interviewed the lead product marketer, product manager, and software engineer on the project to understand how Transactions worked and the story they wanted to convey to their audience. Based on this information, I built out the talk's slide deck and made recommendations for design assets. The talk was well-attended by the target audience.

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