Plaid built a new resources center on their website to provide in-depth information about financial topics critical to their customers, as well as to improve organic SEO. I worked with our SEO manager and content lead to identify and outline each topic thoroughly so that each content piece would cover all relevant key words and search queries. From there, I gathered and researched the topics, interviewed internal SMEs for Plaid's perspective and unique expertise, and wrote each article. I also worked with design to create original images that would illustrate these complex financial/technology topics clearly and simply.

Account numbers: What they mean and how to find them

You've probably seen the long strings of numbers on the backs of credit cards or at the bottoms of paper checks. It’s clear that these numbers are involved with financial transactions, but what exactly do they signify? Where do they come from, and how are they used? This article will explore the history and precise meaning of account numbers. It will consider the difference between commonly used numbers like account-, routing-, and credit-card numbers—as well as how to find them.


SEO-driven content at Braavo served dual purposes: to rise in the ranks for critical key words, and to support sales with informational material about how revenue-based financing works. After publishing these case studies (and making other SEO improvements on the website), Braavo rose to the first or second rank for the key words it wanted on Google. Sales also used these articles for their email signatures and in email correspondence with customers and prospects.

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