Twitter Flight School

Twitter needed to launch a new course to help agencies and marketers learn the foundations of video advertising on Twitter. The curriculum copy needed to be informative and provide research data. However, it also needed to be compelling, concise, and easy-to-read. I worked with Instructional Design, Product Marketing, and Digital Marketing to identify areas where the copy could be clearer, and revised it to be both interesting and informative.

Twitter Video Solutions

Twitter launched a new video solutions section to inform marketers on how they can use video to advertise. The project needed to be completed under tight deadlines before upfronts, and factor in perspectives from multiple stakeholders. 

Based on new advertiser research and Twitter's brand messaging, I developed landing page copy for the new section. The copy needed to be on-brand and strike the right balance of engaging readers while providing technical information. I also worked with Design to advise on what kind of message we wanted to convey with the imagery, and which images were approved for the site.

Unwritten Wines

Unwritten Wines was a new winery. They were beginning to share their story, and needed help defining their brand and voice. I developed website copy that reflected their unique brand identity and origin. 

eBay's Podcast

For the launch of eBay's new podcast, Open for Business, I developed descriptions for each episode of Season 1.

eBay's 20th Anniversary Timeline

For the relaunch of and eBay's 20th anniversary, I created a 20-year timeline of eBay's history. I developed and edited all copy, and located and secured permissions for all assets. 

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